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Business and Financial Services

Accounting – Our accounting program is specifically designed for the management of all areas of the community. We provide comprehensive reports, process accounts payable, account receivables, work order management, ledger management, late notices, create budgets, Process ACH, all things specific to community management.

Budgets – We work with the board to create a budget that will take care of the needs of the property while improving the financial status of the property. We work on ways to save the property money by getting the community involved in incentive programs, and any applicable rebates.

Accounts Payables – We receive the invoices from the contractors and prepare the checks for the board to sign and mail out the checks to the contractors.

Accounts Receivables – Homeowners can pay their assessments in several ways with our system. They can have the assessments automatically drafted from their account, they can pay online or they can mail a check in. The company is local and the payments will be sent locally so there is no delay in the posting of the payments. They board will get a full report on the assessments at each board meeting.

Delinquent Accounts – We send out notification to any overdue account. We monitor the aging reports so the appropriate legal actions can be taken. We work with legal to file the liens on delinquent homeowners and subsequent lien releases as directed by the association.


Homeowner Communications – We receive communications in from homeowners and vendors, within 24 hours we notify the board and then we follow-up with homeowner or vendor regarding the boards’ decision.

Board Meetings – We attend all monthly board meetings and prepare and copy the board packet for all meetings that will include financials, bank statements, updates on contracts, management reports and all relevant information and correspondence.

Optional Meetings – We attend any meetings at the request of the board. We do any and all required research for action items at the request of the board and give honest and accurate response in a timely fashion.

Newsletters – We create quarterly newsletters based on the articles provided by the board. We format the newsletters, edit the text and make suggestions on possible relevant topics. We copy, fold and provide the board with the finished product. We mail a copy of the newsletters to all offsite homeowners.

Architectural Requests – We receive and submit all architectural requests to the board and respond to the homeowners on the board’s decision.

Community Management

Hours of Operation – We are available via phone and email 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All board requests will be addressed within 24 hours of notification.

Contractor Management– We walk the property with the contractors/vendors to identify areas of concerns and to find ways to reduce property operating costs. We review contracts, suggest changes and submit contract renewals to the board for signature. We solicit bids at the request of the board and ensure all contracts are in the best interest of the property. We keep accurate records on all major property improvements to help the board schedule and budget for future work.

Work Order Management – We receive work orders, log them and issue the work order to the appropriate vendor. We keep accurate reports per unit as to work order placed, completed, etc. We notify the board of all major work order requests and items that have been identified on the property that needs attention.

Property Insurance – We work with the association to ensure the property has adequate insurance coverage with optimum coverage with low deductibles with affordable rates.

Legal Liaison – We work with the communities’ legal representation to make sure the community is covered on all issues. We correspond to the board in a timely fashion any legal concerns that may arise. We work with the Legal team responsible for collections to identify collection tactics and payment arrangements and provide accurate legal reports to the board.

New Homeowner Process – We work with the Title Company on any home purchase and provide them with account balances, rules and regulations and governing documents. We also work with the banks to assist with foreclosures and bankruptcies.

Website Services

Community Website is hosted under the management software is fully integrated. The services available to the homeowners and the board include:

On-Demand Access to Information – View community calendars on line, view and download documents, review and update personal information when necessary, access your member directory, see account balances, current assessment and transaction history.

Any Time Requests – Submit online requests that will be automatically routed to the correct resources, optionally enter work order requests.

Communication Central – Broadcast email notifications to members, board member only sections and document groups, polls and surveys