Jennifer's-PictureOwner: Jennifer Lowe

ProActive Community Management started up response to a need for community management that will focus on reducing the operating budget, hearing the homeowners needs and requests, and improving the property values of the community.

The owner was a former board President for several years and realized that the board could not do everything and that the management company had to play a role in the complete management of the property. If you have a management company that falls short and does not fulfill their responsibilities then the property will continue to deteriorate regardless of the hard work of the board.

Having experienced this we know what it takes from the property management company to ensure the board of a property is successful as possible. We are dedicated to do whatever it takes to assist the board in running the property as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The estimated 57 million Americans who live in more than 286,000 community associations need accurate and professional guidance on issues such as reserves, maintenance, insurance, budgets, governance, contracts, the law, and rules enforcement. Receiving the best advice from qualified professionals can means the difference between prosperity and distress.